Veteran Program

Morrison Dental Care is proud to partner with you in our MAKE A VETERAN SMILE AGAIN program. This program is meant to bring a smile to the faces and hearts of those who have risked their lives in defense of our country.  We are not able, nor is it the intent of this offering, to provide routine dental care, but rather to provide a healthy, functioning, pleasant and confidence-boosting smile for those who have lost theirs.

We will interview potential candidates to determine if a veteran meets the criteria to become a participant in our office program.

If you are chosen, you will get a complete examination including necessary X-rays.  Following this we will have a complete consultation with you. At this consultation you will be provided with our findings and a recommended treatment plan. Please be advised that this plan may not correct all of your dental problems. We will provide you, at no charge, the services that we discuss with you. We will seek your approval before we perform any services.

Your responsibility will be to make sure that you show up for your appointments on time when able, and to follow the instructions that we give you.   If you do not keep your appointments, or for any reason this office feels is valid, such as a poor attitude or non-compliance, Morrison Dental Care reserves the right to discontinue treatment.

This is not a program to provide you with ongoing dental care for the rest of your life. We want you to live your life again as fully as you can with your new smile.

We recommend that you do obtain and pay for continuing dental care at any office you choose. Failure to get continuing care will likely result in the loss of your restored smile.

We have no specific warranty for future care, and any treatment that we provide in the future may or may not have costs associated with it.  If there is to be a charge, you will be notified, and agree to it in advance.  As previously stated, however, there will be NO CHARGE for the initial restoration of your smile.

Our Criteria:   This program is for veterans who have been in combat situations only; it is for those who do not qualify for VA dental benefits.  It is for veterans who have dental problems that seriously affect their lives, ie., who cannot eat properly and/or are not able to be socially active because of their appearance.  The veteran must be in a financial position that keeps him or her from being able to afford to pay for dental treatment.  Again, this is not a program intended to offer routine dental care.