Did you know at Morrison Dental Care we make temporaries for you to approve? We make temporaries for you to approve before we finalize your case.  –  See more 

We use today’s most advanced technology for diagnostic accuracy and gentle, precise treatments. Learn more about our services by calling us at 518-371-3400. You can also use our online Request an Appointment form to arrange your consultation. Visit us if you are a resident of Waterford, Mechanicville,Clifton Park, Halfmoon, Saratoga Springs, Troy or a close-by location.

The success rate for porcelain veneers is 97% for a 15 year period. That means that during a one-hundred year period, after 15 years 3 of the veneers will be damaged and have been replaced while the other 97 will still be functioning acceptably.

Veneers are made of a very strong porcelain and allow people to eat a normal diet. You do not have to be careful about biting into food such as apples, or steak. You should not do anything with your veneers that you would not do with your natural teeth, i.e. using your teeth to open plastic bags or other items. None of that should be done with your teeth or your veneers.

We check for oral cancer with just a quick stroke of a cotton swab which can detect abnormal cells years before becoming a problem.

Don’t want to bleach at the office? We can make your bleaching trays that you can wear at home for 7-10 days.

Come in and have a custom sports-guard made. You can even pick the colors and pattern.

Digital x-rays will help diagnosis with 80% less radiation than standard techniques.

The doctors and staff are continually striving to bring you the best care and treatment out there by actively taking continuing education courses.

By filling in missing teeth with crowns, bridges, or implants, we can take years off your face with a great smile and improved lip support.

Ask us about screening and what we can do to help if this affects you.

If you snore, remember “Snore and you sleep ALONE.”

It’s fast, cost effective and great for almost everyone with crowded teeth or spaces.

If you have major alignment problems or you just never wore your retainer as a teenager, there are many options available to straighten your teeth.

Mini Dental Implants can replace missing teeth or stabilize a denture or partial denture. Mini Dental Implants are completed often with no surgery, little or no healing time, and half the cost of conventional dentist implants. Leave that day with more teeth or a tighter denture.

Get your smile back without standard braces. And no one even has to know.

That is why we stress fluoride treatments. Fluoride, diet, flossing and brushing can help protect a tooth against decay.

You often do not have pain. In some cases you do not know anything is wrong until you lose a lot of bone and teeth loosen. We check regularly for this by measuring your periodontal pockets and act quickly if there are any signs of infection.

At any time a cyst is around un-erupted wisdom teeth can grow or change in character. That is one more reason panorex x-rays are important. They check for any changes we cannot visibly see.

The very first patient Dr. Lewis Morrison treated over 35 years ago is still an active patient in our practice.

Unless a dentist or hygienist is measuring the periodontal pocket around your teeth this bone infection can go undetected. We have an outstanding periodontal program in our hygiene department which utilizes laser and antibiotic therapy to treat periodontal disease.

We can apply a powdered tetracycline based antibiotic called Arestin to your periodontal pockets to help control your gum disease and promote health. This eliminates taking pills that can have unwanted side effects.

Sealants are a plastic-like coating that are applied to the biting surfaces of the back teeth to help to prevent the most prone area of the tooth from decay.

It is a proven fact that periodontal disease is linked to many health issues such as heart problems, diabetes, and low weight babies. Treating your gum disease can help to improve your existing heath conditions.

We can assess your sleep condition and make you an oral appliance to wear at night. The appliance will reposition your jaw and eliminate your snoring leaving you and your spouse well rested in the morning.

Morrison Dental Care offers 3, 6, or 12 months of interest free financing or low interest extended payment plans to fit your budget. Our financing options allow you to have the Healthy and Beautiful Smile you have always wanted TODAY!

We believe our office is the BEST place to work. We are always training with the latest technologies and ways to improve patient care in all areas of dentistry.

This enables patients to use their laptops or handheld devices while having treatment done. No lost time and have your new smile too!

There is no need for temporaries and your final restoration is cemented the same day. Using a CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design) system, Dr. Morrison is able to design and mill a new restoration for your tooth. You can even watch the ‘Tooth Making’ process in our reception area.

Ask him about Natasha, Eleeza, Alexa, or Maria and be guaranteed to see his smile.

Dr. David has volunteered at dental clinics in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Jerusalem. He has also helped build homes in Tulsa, OK, and care for orphaned monkeys in South Africa.

Morrison Dental Care can provide courtesy text messages and e-mail appointment reminders instead of phone calls. Be sure to talk to the front desk about the best way for us to stay in touch with you.

We pride ourselves on painless novocaine techniques. If for ANY reason you are uncomfortable during a procedure we will STOP. You will NEVER be pressed to rush through anything.

Nitrous Oxide analgesia is fast, pleasant, and effective in releasing nervousness. There are no lasting effects and you can even drive yourself home afterwards.

We can give you some pills to take at night and the morning of your appointment so that you will be more relaxed. Have someone drive you and you will be able to complete the treatment you have been avoiding.

One of our “Golden Rules” is to have our patients be an active participant in decisions about their dental health. We always want your input and appreciate it when patients do their own research about procedures to review with us.