Porcelain Veneers vs. Orthodontic Therapy

Patients often ask us to help them when deciding on a course of treatment to improve the appearance of their teeth, whether to have orthodontic therapy to straighten their teeth, or to have cosmetic veneers.

Every situation is quite different, and patients who make these decisions are individuals with specific likes and dislikes. The decision is very personal, but we offer guidance and support to help them make their choice.

There are factors we look at to begin our discussion. First is the condition of the patient’s teeth. If the patient has pretty teeth, but they only need to look straighter, then orthodontics might be the way to go. However, if the teeth are not attractive or straight, then restoration with veneers or crowns would improve the appearance of the teeth and would certainly be quicker than orthodontics.

Another factor is a patient’s life schedule. Sometimes the need to accomplish dental treatment quickly because of life events like a wedding can influence a patient’s choice. A third consideration is the condition of the patient’s periodontal (gum and bone) health which is a very important factor in this treatment equation.

Today there are a number of different orthodontic options that can influence someone’s decision, from the quick Six Month Smiles that involves invisible braces, to Invisalign which uses trays and takes a little longer but doesn’t involve brackets on the teeth. I feel extremely blessed that my son does both of these forms of orthodontics so that we can, in one visit, give our patients all of the choices available to them. This includes what is involved both financially, and in the length of time needed for treatment, to help them make what is often a very difficult, and an extremely personal decision.

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