Cosmetic Dentistry

Some people don’t consider cosmetic dental procedures because they think they are too expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are many affordable treatment options in esthetic dentistry that can really improve your smile.

Most people choose cosmetic dental procedures to repair smile defects. They simply want to improve their overall appearance. The ultimate goal of cosmetic dentistry is to restore a beautiful smile. We commonly use cosmetic dental procedures to correct misshapen, discolored, chipped, poorly spaced or missing teeth. We can also change the overall shape and size of teeth. Some of the most common and popular cosmetic dental procedures include:

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain coverings placed over the front (visible) part of the tooth. Veneers correct unevenly spaced, crooked, chipped, oddly shaped or discolored teeth. They are custom-made to look like natural teeth and are a great way to get a dazzling smile.


Also known as dental bleaching, teeth whitening is a rapidly growing cosmetic procedure that is designed to make teeth several shades whiter for a more attractive smile. The ADA considers teeth whitening to be one the safest procedures available. The process does not damage tooth enamel in any way. We offer both one-visit in-office whitening and at-home whitening using trays and professional-strength whitening gel.

Cosmetic Contouring

We use cosmetic contouring procedures to straighten crooked, chipped, cracked or overlapping teeth and correct “gummy smiles.”

Dental Bonding

During this simple, affordable procedure, we apply tooth-colored material to close gaps, correct chipped teeth or change/improve tooth color. In the hands of our expert cosmetic dentists, dental bonding is a fast and easy way to improve your smile.

Smile Makeover

We can use almost any combination of cosmetic procedures to remake your smile into something you can really be proud to show off.

Youthful Smile

As we age, our upper lip loses its tightness and we show fewer or even no teeth. This contributes to the look of aging. Dr. Morrison will evaluate this process and offer different solutions to restore your “youthful smile.”

Drs. Lewis and David Morrison cater to the communities of Clifton Park, Halfmoon, Saratoga Springs, Troy, Waterford and Mechanicville.

We can help you achieve your smile makeover with our wide range of services that will fit your every need. Learn more about and all of your smile-enhancing options at Morrison Dental Care. Call us at 518-371-3400 or use our online Request an Appointment form for your convenience.

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