Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are providing dentists and patients with exciting and flexible treatment options. These narrow implants have had FDA approval for almost 10 years. They are easier to place than wider implants, usually resulting in minimal or no pain after placement. They also generally require no waiting periods (bone integration) and can be used by patients the same day that they are placed.

This ease of placement, which often involves almost no incision and no bleeding, allows patients who would not be candidates for standard implant surgery to be excellent candidates for mini dental implants. The small size of these implants often allows them to be placed in patients whose mouths would otherwise not have sufficient bone to allow for implant placement. Their simple design and few moving parts allow for easier manufacturing, which translates into a significant economic advantage for patients.

For single missing teeth: when teeth have been missing for six months or longer, a replacement tooth can often be made in as little as a day.

For multiple missing teeth: in as little as two to three weeks, non-removable teeth can often be constructed.

For partial dentures: the removal of wire clasps and the stabilization of the existing partial can often be accomplished in a single appointment.

For complete dentures: unwearable upper and lower dentures can often be made comfortable and functional in one easy appointment.

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